The Very Voluptuous Vere Satchel

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Beautiful, mute sling bags from Anya Hindmarch.vere-satchel-hero

The Vere Satchel is nothing short of very beautiful. Anya Hindmarch has been kicking the handbag world up several notches with their wild designs. And lately we’ve been seeing a rather muted selection from the well celebrated UK fashion brand.


And when a bag like this comes along, it’s hard not to stop and take notice. It’s simply a sling bag, with double mini tasseled pullers, with the very minimalistic Anya Hindmarch ribbon emblem.


It’s nice to have a small bag with detachable slings to allow carrying as a clutch or as a sling. Do note that the slings are much like the Ripley Satchels, you can snap them out to make it run longer as a cross-body, or snap it short just enough to carry over the shoulders.


It’s almost hard to imagine an Anya Hindmarch piece without some sort of surprise, and the Vere Satchels come with a brightly colored leather lining with very intricate holders. You can find a phone compartment, card holders, and pockets inside the bag.


It’s a well thought bag. Double zipper bag flaps like the 31 Hour Bag from Phillip Lim tend to be very difficult to get in and out of. With the Vere, you can secure your bag with a zipper, or flap them down carelessly, without fearing your phone or cards could fall out thanks to the magnets.


A zippered back pocket can also be found in the bag, just making it a bit more functional and allows you to insert things here and there without needing to work your way from the front.

This bag is also an expandable piece. So in case you’re a fan of luxury straps, you can go use the many others available in the market, or one directly from Any Hindmarch’s bag accessory collection.


These bags take in a bit of a different look once you splash on a different strap, so don’t forget to play it up in your everyday sartorials.

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